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Tuesday, June 7

So, here's how today started....
Normal school stuff but suz and I join the chain gang cycling through showers (four showers!) and we head off at 7:30 for some doc appointments. Before we left... before we left our A/C running house - all closed up against the hot outside air... I let the cat in.
Then we left.
blink blink...
Yeah, so we came home several hours later and the second we walked in the house... we knew that little Purrrcy (pictured above) had rolled in some skunk stink in out night-time skunk playground (aka: our front yard).
Suz aired things out and... AND washed the cat (some baking soda, peroxide, dealio that really worked well. :D)... but dude... she washed the cat! lol.

I had good gym time, and great skate time today.
Getting bucket loads of exercise ... :D :D :D (loves it).

When are we all going to come to our senses with all the drama around the way penalties are being handed out in the NHL? We should arm these guys and be done with it. At least let them use their sticks as clubs. And forget all this penalty stuff. You play, you pay, and likely with the later portion of your life. Hockey needs more "rollerball"!!!
... right?

... busy day tomorrow.
AND I totally plan on getting to bed and under my mask before 12:30.
See, the problem is that I pass out on the sofa with suzy watching ... (i.e.) jon stewart. So yeah I'm asleep from 12:30 on... but waking up on the sofa at 3 and crawling into bed means I only get three hours under the cpap mask... and you really need "more than 4" to gather some of the more significant benefits of using a cpap... so... I've really got to get in the habit of crawling into bed ... and not passing out on the sofa. :D


See ya. :D

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