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Monday, June 6

Well... today was a pretty good day. :)
It started with the default "get boys off to school" dance, including a mad and unsuccessful dash to Geo's bus stop to bring him his forgotten lunch. But everything pretty much went awesomely up hill from there. :D

Feeling mighty "on top" of my client commitments.
Got a great work out at the gym at lunch...
Enjoyed a wicked good fatush salad,
Kept an appointment with Suz,
And got out to the skatepark after work. :D

I've been jonesing to drop in off a - for lack of a better description - scarier wall... and kept coming up with reasons why I wasn't try'en it...
But not today.
(thank you young random guy that snaps the pic for me... :D)
~ over and over and over again... and yeah, totally own it now.
I was - as always - all nerves about it and had one of those...
"screw it ... I'm going..." moments.
I was great.
I love that "face it" adrenaline rush. :D

Suz is out with her friends from her old job ... a Milestones evening for her...
A "BBQ steaks" evening for the boys and I. :D

Oh... and we watched Dr. Who.
Holy gah!!!!
That was really very exciting and doubly so for a fan!! :D

K... I'm out.
I'll sleep very well tonight.

ps. I'm still digging the CPAP machine. And it's really forcing me to consider my sleep patterns... when I go to bed, when I have a "wake up and pass out" and when I get up thing. (I need to get more regular sleep...)
But I'm truly not having any problems keeping the mask on and sleeping comfortably. :D

... later. :D
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