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Tuesday, May 31

Today was definitely another good day.
Started with a bit of a worry about my darn car again...
This time the steering seems messed... but much like a relatives computer problems,
I couldn't reproduce the problem when I had my mechanic in the drivers seat.
So I just motored downtown to work.
Got a lot done,
And I got good gym time in.
A little starbucks cuteness drama,
Free espresso ... because they were out of coffee filters (so they couldn't give me the coffee I came for - oh poor me, I had to settle for a free giant espresso. :D
After work, I went back to the gym and changed out of work duds into skate duds
And went to Legacy to spend an hour in the heat, having a blast.

Oddly enough, I'm all tired and stuff tonight. :D lol

We hit the download limit again this month (on the last day of the month... but still)...
I'm starting to think I might need a non-rogers isp to get a larger limit without breaking the bank.

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