Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, May 30

Nice day. :)
Worked out of my office...
Got good gym time in at lunch, my starbucks is finished it's "closed for reno" vibe...
And I went back to my physio for more. After the flare up last week, I scheduled a shot at her,
... and really worked it (still trying to get my left pectoral muscle to relax to the same level as my right.... )
So today was good mojo and a good treatment.

Finished up more stuff for my chicago client... may have another trip there in June,
And getting set to take on two new clients. .... (ahhhhhh! lol)

It's getting all super summer hot and muggy.
We've had so much rain (and I feel bad saying that on the weeeb 'cuz of all the awful stuff that weather has been doing out in the big world)
but now with the heat... it's muggy land. Fog at dusk... and we're expecting 40 degrees tomorrow! (40 canadian....)
But this means.... more skate'en.
Trick is to bring the right clothes to change into, and leave downtime in time to make an hour long pit stop. :D

Interesting times...
Our PM pops in to see the troops in Afghanistan.
He's on the talking boxes saying (para) that because we've all done our jobs,
Afghanistan is no longer the axis of terrorism, and there's lots of rebuilding to do...
Same news cycle includes an interview with this Afghani woman who is doing a speech in the capital (ottawa) this week...
Her posture is that as soon as we slacken our resolve, Afghanistan will almost instantly revert to the fountain-of-terrorism it was before we got to the party.
These are such different perspectives... on the very same thing.
As has been so often explained before, we (the grand "we") are stuck in Afghanistan.
Accepting that helps move on to more salient points.
To hear it explained by the many learned doofs that can't stop explaining things,
Every single person on earth is in danger ... (will robinson)
From the ever present threat to our way of life that is Afghanistan

So here's my question.
If we can never really leave because it's going to go crazy when we do and return to the greatest threat of all... and if it will simply never stop being this terrifying global threat.... ??????
Then why are pussy footing around?
Turn on the DRAFT in every coalition country,
Load the planes and roll five million troops into town and subjugate the hell out of the place.
Road side bomb? Yeah... Not in a police state.
Better yet... 80 days of carpet bombing.
I mean... if the whole planet is in imminent danger of death and destruction...
Erase Afghanistan.
Yup... everybody.
Collateral damage... sorry... us or them. Planet versus Afghanistan

Or... were they exaggerating?

I got to see a poem I wrote re-used to be a moment of prose at the end of a hard story.
It made me feel so good to think that something I wrote felt like the right thing to say. :)
[ :: on Kay's blog... :: ]

K... it's 9:50 and I'm making a small pot of coffee and getting a snack.
Time for the mid-evening coma! :D

See ya soon. :)

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