Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, May 28

Hiya. :)

Short work weeks... really kinda seem to turn into darned hard weeks.
This one was no dif.
Big "webinar" on Wednesday.
A co-worker and I do these "Crawl, Walk and Run with... ####" webinars.
This weeks was all about creating and using a Service Catalogue (ITSM)
It's all about lead generation at work and we had over a 120 people sign up... and 78 actually stay on the line for the whole hour and a half.
It was kinda awesome.
Takes a lot of work to put together but ... really kinda cool. :D

Two good client gigs and two more on deck.
Work is busy.

The view, today, out the window at my downtown clients.

It's about to turn into June.
June always sneaks up on me. !!

Using "Parallels" on my Air. (VM stuff)
Need it to run Visio... and it's pretty freak'en cool with "coherence" running.
Windows apps just run... and have full access to the drive structure.
... It's excellent.

The CPAP thing is going well.
I slip into vader mode at lights out and it stays put till about 5... sometimes a little later.
(I tend to mindlessly peel it off my face ... no control, just happens.)
The goal is to get move than four hours of sleep with it on.
(Going to bed late all the time... sigh. But we're turning that around a little at a time. :D)

watching raising arizona... 1987 at it's best. :)

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