Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, May 22

So Saturday was a pretty good day! :D
I fell out of bed at 9... made my way to starbucks and the Legacy Skatepark by 10.
I expected the park to be packed to the teeth with kids... The weather was perfect and it was a Saturday morning.
Well, I was very wrong. :D :D
When I got there... there were two other guys... maybe late 20's.
Two more showed up and ... a couple of young'ens playen in the trick park.
That was it till about 12:30.
So... so so much fun.

Got home and spent a great long time working on the yard... grass cutting and goofing around.
Oh and a whole bunch of working-on-the-ramp.
I'm trying to get better results from the tarp... putting new masonite on... and generally making skateboard ramp glory. :D

Job Jar work... repairing a porch screen. I'm getting good at that. Nice screen frames on cedar but we seem to loose one in a wind storm every summer.

The night was all about relaxing with my sugar and catching up on some TV. :D

Seriously... a great day.

You know the world did end at 6:00 last night.
It ends ... at every single moment of the day.
Time marches forward.
We leave each moment behind, with the capability, if not always the capacity,
Of starting something brand new... at every single moment of the day.
Your life is in your hands.
Your hands.

K... see ya.
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