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Geo got some wigs for a party at school this week. :)

Today was all about getting ready for another "webinar" show we're giving next week.
So I got to work out of my office,
Go to "my" gym...
Oh and I had a huge fatush salad (with schwarma chicken all over it) for lunch... from my fav schwarma place.
... nice day. :)

Coffee was interesting today.
"My Starbucks"... is closed for a reno.
I had no clue. I feel bad for the workers... I wonder what happens to them during a reno?
I had to drive up the road to the next starbucks... :D

It's been a crazy "last two weeks".
I mean... really. Not enough sleep,
and a constant race to just say on par with all the stuff going on.
But it's been a remarkably good time...
Just having so much fun with Suz and getting a lot done with work stuff. :D
That being said...
It's 12:04. I'm going to bed.
(Earliest in AGES).

k... night. :D
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