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Tuesday, May 17

Stranger Danger….

Today began with my crestfallen self standing at the cash-register-end of a gas station lineup trying to process the statement “refused… nope, tried again… refused”.
Apparently I lost a skirmish in the ever present identity war. I did my part, and protected my cc from strangers… I mean, as best as I can considering I use it pay for the kids online recurring fees, etc. But in the end, this really doesn’t matter. Some joker swipes my card in a cloner or some ecom web site that I’ve been to gets quietly hacked and presto! Somebody has my credit card in Toronto and is buying up everything in sight… well, I don’t know that… only that somebody is racking up hundreds at TO gas stations.
Fortunately my CC company noticed all by themselves… no doubt because of a software engine that compares all purchases to a profile of my spending history and flags weird stuff.
Unfortunately, “noticing” means they freeze the cards and try to call, which is the official awkward-maker because there’s a timing disconnect between freezing card and reaching the cardholder (namely, me).
So because my card has been “compromised” they are cancelled immediately. They (cc company) agree to remove all weird purchases and send me a fraud-document to sign. I believe this is one of those “I agree to let you guys take ownership of the issue” things. Whatever.
All I know is it’s two weeks before I get the fraud-document in the mail and five to ten days before I get new cc’s. ☹ Everything we can possibly pay with our cc … we pay with our cc. (Thank you PC Points). So now we have to chase a bag full of auto-pay things to change the numbers… and make sure they don’t default between now and getting the new cards. !!!


Otherwise, it was a bang up day. :)
Good work, great gym time at lunch, and home to make chicken kiev for dinner. :D


There was a time, you see...
When danger was avoided by the concept of privacy.
Lock your door.
Don't leave your keys in the car.
Lock your desk or cabinet at work...
Let alone the whole "Don't talk to strangers" thing that pretty much summed up early childhood protection.
Because that stuff worked.
But that time has passed.
You can not really achieve any substantial degree of privacy.
Lock everything... password protect everything... what ever.
But look around...
There is a "privacy debate" raging on and on.
And if you listen... you hear them talking about a bunch of stuff that the younger generation of net and tech users could not possibly care less about.
It's only us older folks who have this quaint... nostalgic dependance on the concept of privacy and it's protection.
The real question is what concepts will the next generation bring to the table to "protect themselves" from things that go bump in the byte?

Am looking forward to Castle. :)
(and to Body of Proof).

... peace.

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