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Monday, May 16

Hiya. :)

K... long day and the start of a very long week. :D
However... I'm thinking there will be a lot more to consider this week than the fact that it's going to be long.

ps. Dear Universe:
Thank you. Things... all things in the life and times of me... are truly wonderful.
Work is work... but love is everything.
And my everything... is doing just fine. :D

Remember this picture?

That's the new Ottawa Conference / Congress Center.

I've posted a few pics... like this one;

That view...
Here's a picture from the other side. :D

Ok so here's a question:
How is it ok for the US military to fly into a foreign country and kill an enemy commander in an unconventional war (the "osama take down"),
Yet, when the US military came guns'a'blazing into Afghanistan a fifteen year old local - non-soldier-kid, hiding behind a small barrier... who watches his uncle get shot dead by the advancing US troops, and then throws a crude grenade back ... that happens to take out a US soldier... How is it that this kid is branded a murderer, and has been in Git-Mo ever since.
Oh... that kid is a canadian btw.
I'm not saying making a big pink puff of ick out of Osama's head was a bad thing... (although, I personally would have rather watched him go on trial),
But I'm pointing an accusing finger at the hypocrisy.

When the "Osama Take Down" was all the rage in news land...
The talking heads kept telling me about the choices being made by the US high command,
Were choices designed to minimize the risk of Osama Lovers getting riled up with a holy martyr mania.

I do not support this.
Ignoring the entire - and vast - arguments about who went into what country first with what agenda and who is reacting to what... (because that is a long and murky road filled with the "West" looking pretty bad... but never mind that.)
I do not support this whole "avoid the martyr thing" with the wack-jobs in the middle east.
btw, I want to say "wack job muslims" and that would work... because I mean the subset of existing muslims that are total and complete wack-jobs... but I realize that saying it that way makes it sound like I'm saying muslims are wack-jobs... not my intention.
When we change our way of life... our values and turn away from our commitments - say like when we opt to shoot-him and bury him at sea, versus grabbing his old sorry ass and putting him on trial - we let them claim yet another victory.
If they want to get all pissed off and rage in the streets and cities of the middle east... so the fuck what?
Honestly folks... if the radicals in the middle east want to go mental... well, nothing new under the sun, I say.
If they pull that shit here, you know they will feel harsh and relentless retribution.
Oh... and it'd be nice to say... "we'll put your ass on trial and you'll burn".
Alas (ear wax)... all we have now is... we might find you, kill you and hide your dead body... maybe. Depends. Sorta.

I do not support letting radicals scare my government into acting like a bunch of pussy SLASH wimpy grade school kids afraid of a bully...

I am still desperately in love with my Mac Air.
I wish I had "VIsio for MAC"... however... everything else, just wicked wicked wicked cool.
(Oh and iTunes on windows... blows pigs in space... at least by comparison. :D

K... later skater.

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