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Wednesday, May 11

Nice day today... kind of a "back to normal" 'ish day.
Downtown clients... got in a gym thing (it's been a week... so lots of stretching)
It was a day filled with getting a lot of work done.
I needed that. I have to feel like I'm one step ahead with work stuff,
Or I start to get all stressed. :)

The Pink Towel Guy
See guys in the locker rooms at the gym,
Display a downright awesome variety of subtle dance moves,
The moves that get them from standing there in their boxers,
To standing there in their towel.
Sure, some guys are less concerned than others...
But most have some sense of modesty,
That is clearly based in the genetically programmed,
Endowment mind fuck. Guys are idiots.
And the old guys that shuffle around in their flip flops and little else
Don't really count. Sorry to be stereotyping but fact is most of those guys...
Have an awesome camel hair sweater over their whole body and a buddha belly that hangs over their junk.
And then there's pink towel guy.
Dude gets naked at his locker... and pulls his towel on,
LIke it's a fracking cape.
His baby leg is just swinging away.
Walking all over the place.
Yes. The answer is yes.
He showers... with the freak'en shower curtain open.
Then he capes up, and saunters back to the locker to dry off,
Instead of, you know... drying off in shower area like every other human.

I'm thinking he'll be hanging little bells off it soon.

Have you watched "Body of Proof".
I'm a Dana Delany fan... and any show with 7of9 in it...
Well ...
But besides that part... I already like it after two epis.

k... time to go. :D

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