Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, May 10

Does this face make my nose look big?

Today was a good day. I've had a long long long-ass last ten days,
And having a nice day like today... is a good "turning point".
It's all good from here.

Dear Summer Vibe:
I'm ready... please take over my life.
Thank you very much.

First time at one of the local skate parks this season.
(Time killer while Ed's at Karate).
Lots of kids... needed to get my feet.
Feel like I did, but I'm really looking forward to the six, and seventh (etc.) times out to the skateparks.
It's so strangely fun when I'm relaxed and confident. :D

Bought a Bose Sound Dock II [ :: here :: ]
... and replaced our very old sony "under-cupboard mountable radio / cd player. (not mounted, just resting in the corner of the couner... sigh)
Got a really good deal... it's really awesome...
But it's a pain.
80% of what I use "sound generation" for in the kitchen area is radio, and plopping my iphone into the dock and running a radio app...
Is a pain.
So I returned it.
Then I bought a sony clock radio dock... [ :: here :: ]
At roughly 1/3rd of the price of the Bose, gear...
I would say "no pain".
It sounds great, does the job radio and all, and plays podcasts from my iphone. :D

You get used to the hard look of the average airport ground staffer... all work boots, reflective vests and gloves.
At O'hare a few days ago...
Pass through ticket check and onto jetway to get to the plane,
About half way along the mostly empty jetway is a kinda tough look'en black girl,
Resplendent in her reflective vest.
I gave her a big "hi... How are you today?"
In response, she immediately smiled and said, in a truly angelic voice,
"Blessed." "thank you for asking, and how are you?"
... I smiled and said "wonderful."
.. but the thing is,
. for the moment, the very moment when she said the word "Blessed"...
she was the most adorable woman in the universe.
I could feel her sincerity... her quiet, unimposing confidence in that simple term.
The moment passed and she returned to the anonymity of random-ground-personnel,
But she left an impression. I'm not sure what it is, but I know I felt it.

Family has been so sick...
Suz worst of all, kind of five days behind me and my strepp.
Kids not so much... just colds, but I'm the clock is ticking and I worry that one or both will come down with strepp any day now.
Not sure how the antibiotic model works.
You know they tell you - quite emphatically - that you MUST finish your regime of pills.
So I get strepp and am prescribed 500 mg amox (three a day for ten days).
Suz is diag'ed and also prescribed amox, three a day, for ten days... but only the 250 mg capsules.
So by day 5 I've taken as much as she'll have taken in her full regime.
If we're both fighting the same battle... why the big diff?
(I can grok if it has something to do with the doc listening to me when I was all "I leave for Chicago this afternoon and I CANT BE SICK..." so maybe the dose is big for that reason. But can I just stop after 5 days? hmmm? (I haven't... I only have two days left... but geeze).

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