Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, May 6

Finished up work in Chicago at 4... and started thinking I could get to O'hare by 5, and get on standby for the 7PM flight, instead of the 9er. Drive in strange big-city rush-hour traffic... wee.... So I'm all reading and re-reading the driving instructions on my iphone... chanting the milestones (like "look for I190w to O'hare... look for i190w to O'hare...")

I got there, zoomed to an agent and ended up at my gate waiting... waiting to get switched on the big board from "Standby List" to the "Cleared List".
It happens, I get on the plane, we start to taxi... and the pilot comes on the PA to tell us it's going to be a long wait - because all of a sudden, every plane in sight wants to hurry up and take off. Seems a storm was on it's way. We taxied around and got in the air 40 minutes later... And then the closed the airport. The flight I was supposed to be on, at 9? Yeah, delayed. I would have had to sleep there.

Now... bottom line, I'm so freaking sick it's stupid.
Antibiotics were helping... but the strepp is not the big sucky part any more.
Now it's my head and throat. Just feel like crap.
Sadly... suz too. :(

Never-the-less... a busy day. :(
Kids up and off to school and back the hell in bed by 7:30.
Hospital by 11 to drop off the borrowed CPAP machine (RMS S9 Elite. :D)
And off to the sleep doc appointment... where he signs the forms that mean the provincial government will pay almost half the price of the new CPAP machine. And my insurance... pays the rest. !!!
Then over to MediGas to pick up my brand new gear. Heated air tube is cool. :)

Then to Physio... shoulder is doing a lot better but certain muscles are still freakishly tight. So I have hourly stretching requirements (that i don't do hourly... because it's impossible to remember...)

AND then... my first coffee of the day. (imagine... me!)

Worked a bit in the afternoon at my office but ended up bailing 'cuz ... I'm mostly a dead person.

So tonight has been vast catch-up-with-TV, curled up with Suz... while we cough and wheez. :(

This being sick thing... is totally at the pissing-me-off stage. !!

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