Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, April 27

So this is the current state of the now finished "new Ottawa Congress Center".
It looks pretty darn cool...
They put a notch in it and tried to say "It looks like a tulip" but that just seems like lemonade from lemons after making some mistake in design... because it does not look like a tulip...
But yes... it does look pretty cool. :D

/// work stuff
I see this place every time I head out to client #1. They get me two days a week... from now till November.
Client #2 is in Chicago... I head there next week. "North Chicago". Hotels and airplanes... weee...

And today!! Today I go meet prospective client #3. They may want me for 2 or 3 days per week for six months...
Clients 1, 2 and 3 would completely sort me out from a "bill-ability" standpoint. :D

Although.... I still sorta have a client in San Jose (CA)... I need to talk to them.
No idea what happened with that gig but it totally stalled.
i blame the relationship manager. :D lol.

EXCELLENT gym time yesterday. However, I'm still a bit lame in the left shoulder.
Physio is going well... but damn. :(

/ / Turkey!
After new years... I bought an 11 pound frozen turkey on sale at blah-blahs...
And tossed it in my freezer.
Popped it out on Monday night, and roasted it last night.
At 11 at night I'm boning a turkey, (awesome amount of meet on these birds!)
And left the soup on overnight!!! :D
Soup in fridge this morning and we're eating awesome soup for dinner tonight. :D

/ Skate!!
Oh... and I put boards on the ramp and gave it a go!!!!
Honestly, I've been a bit worried that I'd stand up on the ledge and just ... not... be... able to drop.
But no worries.
Dropped in a few times... and it all felt great. :)
Now I'm looking forward to the summer skate park vibe.

In fact... I've been thinking I need to get that florida client back so I can go to the Cocoa Beach Skatepark again. :D
(best park so far. :D)

Ok... time for a hair-cut-repair job
(got a "first choice" chop last month that I think is a bit odd... Suz's girl is here - she home-visits to do the full deal. She's doing Ed now, then me, then suz with all the deets for her her colour etc. :)

...k, see ya.

ps. Ottawa severe weather warning... hail, actual tornado (looks like tomato) warning and T-storms. weeee...

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