Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, April 19

dude... I still dig argyle. :)

Good gym today!!

Great day today... overall, but it's kind of a calm-before-the-storm day.
It's all crazy town busy with work from here out...
Then again... Friday is dead-cross-guy day,
So score... short week. :)

What ever would we do without our faith-based-calendar of holidays?
Why, we'd just be work'en all the time.
'cuz you know... without some form of external guilt trip pressing down on us,
We'd never come up with the idea of kicking back for day,
Let alone in celebration of historical-violence.
Ah well, at least we're not leaving doors open and place-settings out for storybook characters.

la la la...

But seriously... like,
when is a Friday not good?

Got a Rogers bill the other day.
We get our internet services from them
Our home phone...
All our cellular services.
(used to get our cablevision services too... till we cancelled TV. :D)
The "typical" comment is about the actual bill.
I pretty much have to call them ... every single month.
I review the bill carefully each month, and circle all the charges that I don't agree with.
Then I call them and ask them explain the charges.
Regardless of their explanation... I pretty much just say "I want you to reverse this and credit me..."
OVER 200$ OF CREDITS this time.
That was;
~ a huge "overage" charge for our internet services on a month that we had a wee problem with some streaming video
~ another overage charge for my cell phone data plan. I have a grandfathered 6 gig plan. I've never used more than 2... but I turned off wi-fi and tried like mad all month to use vast gig'age... just to test. Well I used, like... 8 gigs. - got those charges reversed. lol.
~ a huge charge for "lost or stolen equipment" ... because the Rogers service tech left the old modem behind in a box when we got a modem upgrade. (sigh... I returned it.)

... and next month, I'll check for all the credits and then... review all the new charges looking for the next round of mistakes.

K... I gotta go.
See ya.

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