Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, April 18

Oh today was a long day. :)
Early to office, home again quick,
Working on client #1 stuff,
Waiting for a bed.
Ikea came a calling, and left a bed.
Geo is much the happy young man. :)

Off to see client #1 for the afternoon.
One loooooong meeting.

Dinner was delish!
Baked big juicy breaded chicken tenders
Fried rice and fresh green beans.

I installed winXP in "Virtual Box" on my air.
Gotta say... freak'en cool. So easy.
So I can run a couple of "just gotta do 'em in windows"
(like our company's on-line time sheet thing...
... although, I bet there's a mac client. :D)
Anyways... I need it for a couple of things,
but I'm soooo digging the new gear. :D

So I look you in the eyes
and confess
That I had never dared to dream
Of having the love that overwhelms me,

k... night.
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