Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, April 17

This morn'en was the "volunteers breakfast" for all the teams that did those sunday morning volunteer breakfasts. We all had a great big feed and it was nice. Geo got his fill (he got up with me every time to go and slave away on sunday mornings).

Very nice.

It's been a nasty windy weekend but I've been having a great time. :D
We bought a new bed for mr.wont.stop.growing.
Thank you Ikea. :D
And some shopping at Bayshore.

and I'm seriously enjoying this new laptop. :D :D
~ put oracles "virtual box" vm on it... having installed xp or 7 yet...
but it'll all get sorted.

I cannot be the only person who gets a sick feeling
When I see the Libyan Irregular forces....
Asking for guns and rockets...
And people talk like that's actually a possibility.
Those morons are just going to shoot them dam selves and blow shit up.
I'm telling you... just back the heck away from Libya and squeeze with foreign policy.
Any other strategy is just a one way ticket to three decades of warfare and guilt complexes.

And I realize that the people of Libya are having trouble.
... and I also realize that fixing their problems for them
Is as dumb as it gets.
Let them fix their own darn problems.

is a lot like handing someone a fish.... someone standing in the middle of a desert.
You may think he's going to be all impressed when you tell him you're going to teach him to fish too.
But you would then be a lot of stupid.
He doesn't want your fish, or your fishing pole.
He want's your advanced military assault weapons.
Then he's going to kill people with it.
If you hurry, you can get in line.

~ K... time for sleep. :)
see ya.

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