Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, April 15

So see that? That's a whole lotta elasto-tape in a giant X on my back.
Physio girl... names Kristina, she's really trying to make a difference....
and she is... making a difference.
So I'm calling her Special-K. :)

Special-K had me doing a series of exercises,
Working my "Supraspinatus" and stretching my pecs...
With the zapper delivering a pulsing charge sufficient to "grab" the muscles that pull my shoulders back-and-down.
It was kinda wicked.

My shoulders reaction to the tear in the bicep has been to lock up the pecs
So much so that my shoulders are pulled forward.
(If I lay on my back... my shoulders are off the ground!

So the last thing she did today was tape my shoulders back-and-down.
It'll stay on for a couple of days.
It's kinda crazy... constant pull back.

Today was another busy day... Two clients, lots of zooming around and I still managed to spend some quality time,
... playing with my new toy. :)

My account problem with the new Air was exactly what it seemed.
I stopped into the Apple Store and let a genius tell me about the solution.
Then when I got back to the office... our own genius had also found the answer on-line. :)
Seems we need to create a "mobile account" as a part of the domain account.
So when I got back to the office... the vanished account magically re-appeared.
Then all I had to do was "click" a few check boxes and presto. :D

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