Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, April 14

Hola. :)

It's AIR day...
Mac Air day.
Been wait'en... (it's a work thing).
Got to work, looked in tech-sup and didn't see any obvious signs of mac'ishness,
So I set about working on a project that is pressing (deadline land).
I go to check with boss-man about a deet... and dude is sitting in front of his new mac with a grin that could swallow texas. Other boss-man is over his shoulder, giving directions.
He looks over and says "It's in tech-sup! Go get it!"
New, in box, with all the extra bits (ext dvd, dongles, etc.)

Just... too... fracking... cool. :D

Frustratingly, I had to sit there and work on my pos Dell while getting the mac up and at 'em.
But I finished my mandate and ... it became Air Time.
Very happy.
Lots and lots to get used to, though.

Dear MAC Universe:
Question 1:
Is there a decent OS X client for Livejournal?

Question 2:
We "got me on the domain" at work,
creating a domain account, etc.
I copied all the files I needed... using that account.
Now I get home and PRES-FREAKING-TO... the account is gone.
It was there... I clicked iTunes and it wanted an admin password to install the update.
My account was an admin... I tried my password... refused, so I just used the admin account.
And when iTunes finished installing the update... my domain account was gone.
I had to make a new "local" account just to use it, without using the admin account. :(
I hope this is related to poor options selections during domain-account-set-up,
And that the account will be there when the computer reconnects to the domain... when I get to work tomorrow.
Alas... I doubt this will be the case. :(
So my question is... WTF?

Tonight we went to Ed's school to watch a school play.
Ed was part of the light-crew and operated a spot light.
Although I hate (with a capital H) sitting in school-stack-chairs, cramped in an converted gym,
I thoroughly enjoyed the play. It was a 60's flower power story, all songs, and "groovy".
Very cute stuff.
Geo even came with. :D
Nice night.

K... I'm going to bed early tonight.
Too little sleep this week. :D lol.

See ya.

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