Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, April 13

Had physio tonight...
Seems to be going well. :)

Starting back with the clients that have the great view of the city...
First half of the day with them, and then off to client #2 for the afternoon.

Took Suz's iPod Touch into the apple store to whine about the battery drain.
Dude told me to update the OS 4.3 so I can get the ben'ft of "new power management features of the OS"
... and be able to kill programs from memory, blah blah blah.
After I do that... if I still have trouble, I can come back and get a product replacement.
So, I come home... plug it in, and update.
Can only be updated to 4.2.1? seriously, WTMF?

Apple Cinnamon Cheerios...
... make for good snack'en. :)

I went to Top of the World and Normal looking for new skate shoes.
I'm keen for the addidas campus vulcs...
But holy crap man... 110 and no real colour selection!
So... I'm gonna wait till I go to Chicago later this month.
I'll spend my shoe money in the US.

You got one life... only one.
Thinking any plan besides trying to enjoy it makes no sense.

Watching caddy-shack.
We're just about to watch Dangerfield crash his big ass boat into Ted Knights lil'sloop. :D
Sigh... good times man... good times. :)


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