Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, April 11

There is a metaphor about love somewhere in that picture.
~ beat down, and paved over... yet...

Today was a very "day after" day.
It was after a wicked wicked storm.
I slapped on the mask at 1:44 (going to bed a bit late... I know I know...)
At 2:00 suz and were both awakened by crazy town levels of lightening off in the distance.
I was still in mask land sometime later... 3? 4? when the T&L really got going.
Ed and Geo both appeared in our room.
We're talking a strobe light of lightening, with the thunder to go with!!
At some point I pulled off the mask (I think 5) and slept again till alarm clock time.
By then the storm was done... Water and tree bits ... everywhere. :)

The home weather station thing in our kitchen was say'en it got to 24 outside today.
... but dude... the wind!!! Serious wind.

BBQ... last night and tonight.
Ohhow I enjoy the reduced cleaning requirements of cooking outdoors. :D

Off tomorrow, bright and early...
Train ride. :D
(I like trains)
Montreal for the day.
I wonder if there's any good sushi in Montreal.
I know they do clothes and fashion, and bad driving really well in Montreal.
But I'm not sure how well they do raw fish, rice and seaweed. :D

We're in "eat the house" mode.
Perimeter groceries on the weekend... only,
Until we've depleted the house stocks.

K... night.

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