Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, April 10

Very long weekend. Got a lot done. :)
Yesterday was groceries and yard work.
Today was car stuff...
Detailed the heck out of suzanne's car.
Put summer tires on her car...
Took pictures...
And now it's listed on Kajiji.
Wanna buy an Infinity G35X? :D

Wanted to get my snow's off... but I ran out of steam. :)

Enjoying the effort to get used to the CPAP machine.
However, I've been going to bed crazy late and not really staying in bed for very long.
So what I'm looking for is a few normal nights of sleep.
I seem to wake up at about 5, and peel off the mask
(then snuggle up to suz)
~ there's no snuggling up to suz with the mask on. (It blows a jet of cool air directly in front of me... lol)

When you're watching the news,
And it's full of stories out of the various hot spots across the middle east, north africa and south asia....
Do you ever find yourself thinking,
"Fracking nutjobs!"
I mean... seriously,
If we just wait long enough...
They will kill themselves off.
Then I suppose we could go get the oil after.

Gotta go get an earring backing out of a sink drain.


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