Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, April 5

Skate season is coming... soon.
~ that's the ramp under the winter tarp...

The weather is absolutely screwing with me ... very hard core.
Third night of migraines.
Third time maxalt has saved my ass.
~ as in right now.

Long day.
The next six months of work is pretty much in the bag.
Of course, everybody wants everything at once.
la la la...

Google "Sony Exec's Targeted by Hackers" and take your pick of the hits.
This story really digs into the heart a huge issue.
So, I'm not saying I support the behavior of the hackers in this issue,
When Napster happened,
We were introduced to the concept of giant corporations suing millions of kids (and other music fans)
Executives sitting in fancy offices... pouring money into the effort to punish music fans like they were hardened criminals....
Personally, i think it's kind of funny to picture them worrying that a force beyond their control has decided to target them.
Karma baby...

tomorrow I get fitted for the cpap.
darth vader time awaits...
I wonder if they have black ones...

I can almost taste a Mac Book air.
... almost.

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