Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, April 4


Off to court...
Well, after the gym, at lunch.
Loved the gym by the way... Did jessy's "butt monday" work out. lol
I got a sore butt.
Went to court (again - second time) to say WTF about that 50$ ticket I got on a stormy morning when the machine wouldn't take my payment.
She tried three different tactics to get me to bail on my complaint...
Do'en her job I s'pose.
But then she hauled out what had the total cliche look of the giant "stamper"
and KAAAACHINK... cancelled.
15 minute drive each way, and 10 minutes at the court house.
Totally worth the effort.

I got good news today... my client #1 has asked for me to come back.
~ 2 or 3 days a week... depending on my other client loads.
A "flexiblility" factor of "planetary" to make sure I would accept the offer.
This is a very good thing... (and the Rideau Center Goodlife gym is wicked close too. :D)

A new client #3 is looming... with a trip to Chicago in the offing.

I've decided that, regardless of the circumstance of the "global state complexity" excuses,
I do not at all agree with the idea that coalition forces are roaming the world helping punk-ass nations achieve new leadership, let alone chase "regime change".
(and yes, it's totally silly)
What if China decided that Canadian political positions on abortion (or religious freedom or wtf ever) were unacceptable.
And Canadians who shared that opinion were violently protesting about it ... day in day out.
(We do, btw, have crazy-ass protesters and protests in Canada all the time... dude, just run the Parliament Hill web cam at any lunch hour.)
But now... now imagine China freaking attacks... No fly zone... bombing runs, collateral damage civilian deaths, airports destroyed, etc. etc. etc.

"Right" will always be a question of perspective.

And personally, I don't think Canadian soldiers should be told to go tell people to change their perspective with the chaotic end of a gun.
I mean this in a "Screw Libya" kind of a way. (or Afghanistan, or Iraq, or Korea, or Israel or ... or ... or... )
People should have to find their own path and if it's a hard path... okidoki.

If everything was absolutely fine in Canada...
If we didn't have any financial pressures on our social networks, health care, education, insane taxes, infrastructure failures...
Maybe I'd feel differently.
But things are not fine in Canada,
And we should be working on that... long before we (for example) go to freaking Libya and help foster a Regime Change.
I say let Charlie Sheen's biological Dad get sorted out by his own people.

I go to get my CPAP device on Wednesday.
dum di dum...

~ time to go. :)
ni ni...
sleep tye...
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