Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, March 31

This is me...
This is me smiling.
This is me ... after making a deadline. :)
Made for a long ass day. :(

This is the stage where I feel like I have no idea how it's "going to go..."
Client will either love it... or hate it.
No one's ever hated it...
But I am forced to say "... not yet." after that.

So we'll see. :D

I traded gym time for sushi time... lunch was my only respite on a long day. :)
Had lunch with my wee circle of friends.

Geez it's nice to see "la gang".

k... I just got all teared up when Ryan proposed to Becky in Castle.
~ and I've seen it before.

k... it's 11:27 and I have to go clean out the drier vent...the one on the outside of the house. :(

~ see ya. :)
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