Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, March 30

Living in the middle of crazy town.
One day to go...

Today started with downtown for a client #3 meeting,
Back to the west end and the gym...
Then the afternoon going bonkers at my desk trying to not fall asleep.
I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night... and the steam I usually run on,
Seem'ed a wee bit thin today.

I got oodles to do tonight... and then a mad dash to get to the end of a report before the end-of-day tomorrow.
Totally cutting this one at the edge.

No matter how much your brain thinks it's some kind of compliment
Under no circumstances should you joke to a group of teenage girl hockey players,
Carrying their gear into a sports arena ...
"Wow...that is so cool that the cheerleaders carry the guys gear"
Believe me on this.

So I watched streaming video on my iphone constantly this month.
Tethered my laptop at work every day...
I turned off Wi-Fi...
And I actually managed to use all six gigs of my data plan.
First time in two years... or has it been three?

Dig This!!
And yes, I know... my fault.
However... about a month ago, I put a leaking grocery bag in the back seat of Suz's 2005 infinity.
That resulted in 1/2 lt of milk pooling on the back passenger seat. :(
I cleaned it up... (I thought).
So now... NOW it's a freaking stink mountain!!!!
The car became ... that car in that episode of Seinfeld!!!
Well I get on the phone.
The foam cushion in the back seat,
And that's NOT the whole seat... not the leather.
Just the stupid foam part.
Twelve Hundred Plus dollars.
Sweet mother of geebus!!!
I got back on the phone and it's down to 250 for the foam out of a wrecked 2003 infinity.
I find out in the morning what the plan is...

Alrighty... time to get back to work.
See ya. :D
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