Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, March 28

~ suzy likes her laptop. :)

Today was a good day.
Crazy kind of day... but, good. :D
Up and out extra early, for a 8:00 meeting downtown with client #3
Back to scotia-bank place (near home) to the sports med clinic for 10:45.
Gym at 11:30...
Back downtown for 1:30 meeting with client #1 (FINAL meeting... end of contract, sort-of... :D)
And cost-co on the way home. !
... made fish for dinner.
Played scrabble for dessert. :)

The doc was great.. as expected. (I saw her last year for my other shoulder)
Dr. Frankovitch... good doc!
She was able to demonstrate that the problem is with the bicep
(not the brachi...something, like I thought)
But she thinks I can work it and gave me direction on what to not do.
And she wants me to do a couple of physio sessions with her physio group to review exercise / work out routines and make sure I can get (and keep) my shoulder healthy.

So.... I got to go the gym today :D :D :D
Got to see Jessy after her "run" for a quick coffee...
The fix I get from burning cardio etc. at the gym... is exceptionally awesome.

So canadians have twice in as many elections,
divided their votes between the three main parties
and asked the politicians to form minority governments.
And now we have to do it again.
It costs 300 million dollars to hold a federal election.
Or, in this case, to renew the old bastard's vows like they were romantic seniors
Seriously... I can think of lots of better things to spend that kind of cash on. :(


K... see ya.

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