Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, March 24

~ holy serious batman. :)

Today was great... I mean, as far as a work day goes. :)
Kinda took an extra little snooze after I got the kids off to their buses,
And I was a little late for work because of it...
But dude... it was sooo worth it.
Last night was prol'y the first really proper (read: undrugged) nights sleep I've had in two weeks.

Wrapped up a few things with client number one.
They're trying to get a contract extension for two days per week for the next few months...
Which would be great with me... (let's me focus on other clients, etc.)

Oh, and I got a haircut. :)

This is the new front on the Ottawa Congress Center. Trippy.

And this is just a view up the Rideau Canal from the MacKenzie King bridge, looking towards the old train station...
Which is now some very dorky conference center taking up vast square-footage in DT Ottawa for practically no value.
Just say'en...

If - for example - there was an earthquake ... all super destructo like what just happened in Japan, or NZ, or whatever...
And it directly impacts you... like your street is messed up, houses damaged, power outages, water and sewage lines all messed up...
What happens to your standard civic responsibilities?
Like... when your municipal taxes are due, hydro or water bills... do you have to pay them... for broken streets, no power or water?
Regular mortgage payments? Your world is in a shambles and you're bank branch is a smoking hole in the ground... and you're not going to work... because you can't get there...
Does the bank infrastructure continue taking regular loan repayments out of your account?

You know...
When Becket does the nasty with idiot boy cop,
She's thinking of Castle.

I do believe I would like to have a MacBook Air 13" please.

~ k see ya.

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