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Well it's a beautiful day in my neighborhood today... sunny - cool outside -but actually, I like that... cool summer nights are a true sleep paradise... of course if I'd go to freak'en bed EVER it'd be a miracle. I have got to turn over a new leaf and get to bed by ... um... let's say 12:30 on weekdays. Going to be bed at 2:+ and getting up at 6:30 just sucks. I will draw on the power of Buttercup today and try not to pass out onto my keyboard at work...

~ well it's Friday, so we're talking jeans fer sure.
~ one of Z's black satin thongs,
~ a garter and stockings...
~ my total fav shirt (the orange stripe)
~ dem shoes and the D&G
~ and yes, I'm kidding...
~ to finish the time sheets that were not finished yesterday
~ it's Friday, so I'm going to let the team go for an afternoon of "unreal tournament"... we even have a linux server running Unreal Server for them to use... - yes it's good to work at this company...
~ to actually go to the post office to mail off another package buddies stuff... (my secret unofficial package buddy)
~ I had a big contract to bill on at work... it's kinda hard on my confidence to go a whole month with my team essentially non-billable... it's the sales departments fault but that doesn't change the fact that it weighs heavily on me.
~ that i get to spend some time with kath with weekend...
~ that I can get connected with realaudio stream that rocks out of Charlottesville (hey Kym)...

Ok so, no seriously now, and I know you can't actually do this without cracking an "uh oh" smile but the whole woman's underwear thing. I know for sure that I am not the only guy in the world to get a killer rush out of wearing something of Z's under my reg work clothes... haven't really done this in a couple of years but I'm think'en it's time... Yes I know it's probably got a disorder name associated with it, but tough p-tooties... I'm going on the strength of the Dr. Ruth "If it feels good do it" theory. It's the rush of Z knowing and making a game out of it... hmmm... yes it's Friday and this prol'y should have been friends only.... hahahaa... oh well. If my mother-in-law is reading this "I'm just kidding Pat... no really" (think she bought that?)

Oh, and today is the day that the super Bostonian Lj gang will get to hang... man I am so put off by this falling apart on me... my trip to boston...
~ Lisa, (ladyfire) is this killer hot single mom that is dealing with a long distance romance of significant proportions (he's in Norway). She has some incredible strength of character - although she'll deny it - to be managing her life and this love.
~ Nichole (datawais - cotterpin!) is a sleuth a main squeeze to a wonderful guy and looks really cute with one of those drying-my-hair-towels wrapped around her head…
~ Debby (well… debby! Oh, or maybe "super Shuga") a girl into role playing!!! So what if that refers to Everquest… at least it sparks your imagination.
~ Suzan (kitykity) is a friend from the very beginning of Lj (for me at least). A mom, a wife and… a geek at heart. She has all this cool stuff going on with her web pages, and linking her friends together. (sorry Suz if this is over the top but…) She is also a frigging inspiration to anyone paying attention. She's lost a lot of weight - mostly by just doing things right - and while she's always looked great to me, she looks ab fab and should be the subject of a "health and fitness" mag before and after story!

I know I missed some peeps from the proposed list of Boston partygoers… I will be thinking of you all tonight… I WANT PICTURES. Haha…

I'm in a mood to remind you how much my lj friends mean to me today so be reminded… I love you guys

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