Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, March 23

Well... unless the goddess has a whole new plan, it sure looks like spring. :)

Today was first day back day.
It's been a heck of a week. :D

My main client ... ft since the end of November, wraps in a week.
Second client... wraps in a week.
Third client (san jose)... never ends... apparently.
Bottom line: a busy week begins now.

I got to go to the gym today.
I had to stay away from any upper body. :(***
But it looks like I'll be doing a crazy amount of ab and lower body work.
I think I'm going to ramp up a just-cardio day.

And I went to town with dinner. :D
~ baked corn-flakes-breaded chicken tenders
~ baked thai crust shrimp
~ smashed potatoes...
~ spicy carrots (crazy yummi)
~ big salad...
~ baked cookies. :D

Lazy night... too many long-days-in-a-row coming up... but tonight,
Just lazy. :)

When my minds eye turns to you
The rest of me smiles.

It's 9:00 and I have no milk.
I have to teenage boys,
I can't do the morning routine,
Without milk. ;(
~ off to the store. :)

K... see ya. :D
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