Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, March 21

K. second last day of ... not being at work.
It was kind of a vacation... but the shoulder, and client work...
Gets in the way of calling it a vacay. :)

The job jar zone included:
~ repairing a leak in our awesome shower.
~ fixing my computer (been DOA for two weeks)
~ "finish" the pot light wiring in the theater room (a "comply with the codes" thing).

Yeah... and so, I ground out "grout" between wall and floor tiles for hours...
Ripped out all kinds of caulking...
Re-grouted, re-caulked.
... that was the easy part.
See... the grout leaked into the wall... :(
So I'm digging out a big section of wall (including a framing 2x4 that's waterlogged-soft)
Messy and a big drywalling-repair-land thing to finish.

The computer?
When Suzanne's computer died... we got her a laptop.
She and I had duplicate computers... so I figured... spare parts.
So out of nowhere... my computer stops booting.

I've tried everything.
I cant get a single working computer out of all the...spare parts. :(
I think "drive enclosures" and a terabyte USB drive is in my future.

The lighting?
Well the step ladder is downstairs...
(it's a start!)

The art of our friendship
Is found in the effort
To balance between
Being the friend you need
And being the friend you want

The secret to good choco chip cookies.
Two things:
~ use equal parts crisco (lard) and butter.
~ take the time to cream the eggs, sugar and butter and only add the dry stuff... a wee bit at a time.

K... time to go make cookie dough.
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