Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, March 20

Hola. :)
Geez, it's been a long week.
I've spent the whole week taking care of my shoulder.
:( It's just not giving me a break.
The really bad part is the sleep thing.
Lay on the sore arm... total pain.
Lay on the other side... the arm drops down and ... total pain.
Cannot lay on tummy... kills arm.
Can lay on back for a bit... but I can't stay there... so I move... total pain.
So sleep... total pain.

However... i think it's a little better today.
A little, prol'y because I'm taking good care of it.
It'll get better.

... tomorrow is spring!!

Dear Canada:
Remember the last election... where nothing changed.
It costs a minimum of 300 million dollars to hold a federal election.
I can think of a lot of things that we should spend 300 million on.
None of them are "hold an election", especially when nothing is going to change.

Oh boy...
A brand new war.
And anyone who thinks a 'no fly zone' is anything short of a total war...
Has no idea what a no-fly-zone actually is.
Do your homework.
And yes... it's another war. :(

Played scrabble with Suz last night.
It's not fair... You can't click 'submit'
and find out if you spelled the word right. ;)

~ k... see ya soon.
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