Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, March 16


My shiny human - his head is soooo shiny - is a bit busy.
So I'm ... lending a paw.

... oh and by ""busy" what I mean is,
"wandering around complaining about his shoulder..."
~ apparently he's ... complaining less. :)

It's all warm and stuff outside.
So, of course, all my hair wants to fall out.
Or, so it appears.

I've managed to get my human to brush the hell out of me...
but I tend to get all trippy with excitement, and usually end up taking a swipe at his hand.
I blame the roids.

Personally, I think the hairy one, and the shiny one are spending way too much time in their room with the door closed.
I make it a point to stand in front of that door and let them know that everything is OK out here in the hall.
I even raise my voice to make sure they can hear.
Day or night... door closed? I make sure they know all is well.
Just say'en... I'm purrrrty good at my job here.

k... time to go stalk something...
That or sleep.
It's a toss up.
I'll prol'y sleep.
I can dream about stalking, two birds... one stone.
hmmm... birds.

Dear Little Red Dot:
Yes, you... kindly go f*&c^ yourself.
I know you're all super fast... n'shit...
That slow stuff is just some cruel trick.
I get it... ok.
I'm wise to your ways punk.

Just wanted to thank shiny for the catnip.
~ 420 muchacho... furry-five! Word.

purrrrr. :)
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