Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, March 14

the last three days have been nothing but suck.
If the issue wasn't the arm... then it was my back.
It (the planet sized pain) would flip back and forth...
Madly cramping shoulder blade... or stabby knife tip pain in the upper bicep area (rotator cuff).
Constant dosing with Advil, and finally a T3 to get to sleep got me to this morning...
And I had a sched. to keep today (and tomorrow).
These two days, along with last friday are key events in my newest contract and fall into the "must" category of how things go.

This all started a week ago Saturday... no event, just the onset of stupid pain.
I tried different types of therapy but it didn't help... so today was all about docs.
I booked an apt with the best sports med doc in town but that wont happen till Mach 28.
So I sat for almost two hours in the walk-in-clinic to get orders for x-rays and ultra sounds... so I can come to the sports-med doc prepared.
Oh and the doc put me on an anti inflam.

la la la ... and so it goes.

Today went really well... btw.
Work stuff, that is.
One more day of "work stuff" and then I'm off for a week.
And I went to the gym with Zee after work... I just did lower body, abs and stretching... with an extra long cardio to start.
You can't believe how good that felt. It's been a week... :*(

Edward is quite literally "smashing" something in the basement...
I really need to go see what's what. lol.

Kids are on "Spring Break"... Geo is on another sleep over at a friends...
And Ed is smashing something. :D (no, not something bad... just loud.)

So I'm off to check.

See ya. :D

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