Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, March 11

Yeah... the smile's total bs. :)
Well... an advil SLASH admiral induced calm moment,
In an otherwise rather turbulent moment in the life and times...
The shoulder thing keeps screwing with my neck and back.
I saw this guy... Sasha... big strong russian massage dude.
He was tripp'en over how bad things were...
(and yes, I was going to say "tight things were"... but I could hear the "that's what he said" from here)

Kind'a isolating the problem being with the join from pecs to the rotator cuff... left pectoral was spaz'en yesterday
And was a rock before the session. Damn sore. :(

Ok... enough.
Bottom Line: I think I need to take it easy long enough to get the neck and back stuff to cut-it-out,
and then let the healing begin. but man... I need a cardio burn... I need gym time!

Today went well... first four interviews with the new client.
There's a lot of low hanging fruit with these guys,
So every swing is a hit... basically. :)

The kids start Spring Break tonight.
This is the first year in ... years... that we haven't gone on a big vacation somewhere.
We're taking it easy on purpose... family decision to just stay home this year. :D

The tsunami videos from Japan today... (youtube)...
are wicked.

my suzy...
is hot and cold running awesome.
just say'en... :)

I gotta git. :D

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