Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, March 9

K... so I'm pretty sure I'm hosed again.
The shoulder thing is really bad. :(
Last year... it was the right shoulder.
This time... it's the left.
TTA gave me a serious work out... but it's really still very bad.
The pain in the shoulder keeps resulting in a lock up though my shoulder, back and neck. :(
She fixes that wicked good... but the shoulder is still a problem.
I spent the day without advil so I'd know what was hurting and where.
But I would be a bit of a mess without it now.
We'll see how tomorrow goes.
I'm going nowhere tomorrow.. just going to take care.
But I gotta be "on" on Friday with a new client group. :(
Ah well... This too will pass.
I just gotta take care of it.

Oh... big snow going on right now. :)
prol'y going to be a snow-day tomorrow.

I am boggled by the degree to which your
need to pee turns into a mortal priority
as you approach the throne,

There is no limit

~ smile. :)
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