Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, March 7

~ see... it's all about going to the right people for help.
For me... [ :: Tracy The Awesome :: ] is the go-to girl.

I had to wait all flipp'en day. Apt with TTA was at 4:20*, but I managed to get there at 4:00 and she was able to take me early. :)
She zeroed in on the central issue being my neck... versus my shoulder.
And she went to town on the deep tissue - body in motion - thing. (Active Release Technique).

the trick is to keep breathing.
... no really.

Excellent results.
As in... immediate and sigh inducing results.
After a great deal of all the noises that add up to "ahhhhhh crap... ouch!"
Not completely out of the woods yet, but she put to rest my fears about a new rotator cuff injury.
(that shit is bad mojo...)
I see her again on Wednesday.

Cost-co: 20 bucks for a giant pork loin that cuts up into 28 really nice pork chops.
That's seven dinners... sub 3$ per meal.
Was cutt'en and bagg'en tonight. :D

Today was day-one of giving a two day workshop in client land.
Bottom Line: Long ass day.

* Two grande coffee's at starbucks costs 4:20
Keeps showing up these days.

It is the very lack of effort
That lets you know it's love for true.

:) k... see ya.

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