Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, March 6

~ a view from the top step at the BYC this morning,

A cold and gloomy morning-after morning with thick thick slush under fresh snow...
Driving was evil... parking was worse and just gah!
Alas... geo and I were up early and off to volunteer at the last breakfast club of the season.
Thanks to the weather, it wasn't a record setter. But we were busy all morning, never-the-less.

So... here's the thing.

Fell asleep, sitting up on the sofa, beside Geo and Suz...
Up until then... I've had some triceps pain on my left arm from really working it this week.
But that was a 'good pain'... just muscle strain.
I've noted a little ache in my left shoulder and I've been blaming the addition of the military bench press to the work out.
Well, when I woke up at 2 in the morning to collect family members and get everyone off the sofa and off to bed...
My left shoulder was freaking KILLING ME. Like it needs to "pop' right?
But there was NO RELIEF. Nothing.
I took 400 ml of advil... I tried hot pack, gentle stretching...
I literally could not sleep. No position was (is) without pain and sleep only came in a fit at maybe 5:30.
And i was up for that breakfast thing at 7:30.

It's cramped my neck and my back.
If I tilt my head away from my left shoulder...
Pain shoots up the outside of the left arm!!! Like a sore tendon?

I have to give two solid days of presentations...starting tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM.
I'm totally fucked.
I've called Tracy (TTA - Tracy The Awesome) and I hope to hear from her tomorrow early...
Somehow... I need to escape the workshop and go see her.




Although I did just make an awesome batch of choco chip cookies.

K... I gotta git.
See ya.

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