Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, March 3

Ola. :D

Today was a good day. :D
Work is crazy... giving a big "workshop" all day monday and tuesday, coming up.
Lots of stuff going on with the clients getting ready for it. :)

Had a great gym thing today...
Really enjoying the chance to put good time in to the gym.
Keeping my many many broken abused body demons at bay...
i.e. Knees haven't hurt in months!! :D

My beanie came... (to quote Calvin).
This is the book I made on the kodak web site... with a coupon I snagged at FutureShop.
20 page book with hard cover... should have been 35$ but it was free with coupon. :D

Go Skate 2010 - is the title...

and it's just a collection of photos from the cool skateparks I went to last year. :D

~ AND I neglected to give it to my editor before I published...
and, of course, I made two spelling mistakes...
In a hard cover book!!! LOL.
Ah well...

There is no god.
But if there was...
She would frigg'en smite that some bitch Phelps and his ilk protesting those funerals.
Dude deserves a beat down if every somebody did.
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