Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, March 1

Today ... was pretty good. :)
Crazy beautiful weather wise... just loads of sun.
Got a lot done for the San Jose gig and for my new gig in Ottawa.
Went to see "new gig in Ottawa" client for the afternoon.
And dropped in at a tattoo parlor on the way downtown.
Was there to lend a little support to Jessy.
This is John and Jessy... :D

And this is Jessy's wrist.

(Those are her kids initials).
~ apparently... it hurts a wee bit to get a tat on the inside of your wrist. :D

After work, it was zoom to get Ed and suz, then drop grasshopper at Karate
And go to the gym with suz. She's still trying to get over her cold... but the dragon has to be fed.
I was all about the lower body... with a crazy fifteen minute ab zone... Kinda hurts... lol
Oh... and I did a solid six minute plank.

Made a great shrimp and salmon dinner...
and watched How I Met Your Mother! I was audible in my dislike of the Barney burn at the end there... :(

Dear Everybody in the Middle East and North Africa:
So yeah, why are you fleeing your country?
Do you think it will "self heal" while you're away?
Yes, I know... easy for me, all comfy here at home.
Message is still the same.
It's your country for goodness sake.
Take it back and make something of yourselves.

I got an email from "medi-clim" today.
The system emails me an alert when it predicts (based on weather) my migraine profile will be at risk.
It took about five hours for it to hit.
I'm sitting here letting a Maxalt kick in.
Frigg'en hate migraines muchachos... serious big.

When I break
I heal.
Timing, of course, is everything.

See ya.

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