Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, February 25

Fridaty... what's not to love about fridays. :)
When ever one of my many bosses comes to me to tell me I did great on something or nailed some interview or whatevver...
I always say the same thing...
"It's because I am awesome!'
... and then I move on.
I was awesome today.
Sadly, it means I'm looking at a fourth client... that wants everything done before the end of March.

Excellent gym time today. :)
Got to do a full on serious Ab day with Jess.

Alas... my lil'zee is suffering a nasty cold. :(
So I'm in "take care of suzy" mode.

I pretty much always set my iPhone on vibrate...
After going to bed at 3:00 AM, I woke up (in my bed) to my phone vibrating at 8:00 AM ... in the room next to our bedroom.
I'm pretty sensitive to the vibration...
Too much I think.
You see,
I get phantom cell phone vibration sensations... all the freaking time.
I can see the phone on the passenger seat in the car... and feel it ringing in my pocket.
It's quite something... drive me nuts.

Do you have a stack of StarGate SG1 DVDs from buying the whole 10 season pack?
Watched it?
Want to sell it?

How about the whole set of Babylon 5 DVDs?
Got 'em?
Watched 'em?
Wanna sell them?


See ya. :)

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