Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, February 24

K... another particularly good day. :)
I know it seems a bit glib.
Good days and all.

But I've paid my dues...
These are the days you live your life for.
And I'm all about enjoying this.

I am finding that I really hate getting up in the mornings.
Our morning rituals are still "up, kids, breakfasts, lunches, showers and zooming away to work"
But when I get up... I stand there, looking back at the bed and... wishing. :)

A nation is the property ... the chattel of it's people.
Not their leader.

Project Roger's Bill Kill advances.
I picked up Ed's cell phone today.
I worked the "customer retention" folks for an hour yesterday.
That went great... but in the end, they didn't have stock on the phone Ed wanted.
So I picked it up at a Rogers retail outlet.
The deal?
Bottom line: Adding a fourth phone to our family plan will cost 25 + tax per month.
And Rogers is giving me a 10$ discount on each of our three existing phones.... monthly, ongoing.
So a fourth phone and no new costs. :)
Tomorrow I call in to cancel our home phone.
(cue the dramatic music. :D)


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