Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, February 23

This pic is from this morning... showing the current state of the rebuild-of-the-Ottawa-Congress-Center.
(I saw The Monkeys and The Pretenders perform there... different nights (lol)... forever ago.)

I started with a new client today...
Somehow I need to work about 8 days in every 5 from now till the end of March.
I'll figure out something... :)

Life is awesome lately. :D
Sadly, today was so dumb-ass busy that I got nowhere near a Gym.
But I do get a lot of gym time in...
My friends continue to make me feel loved,
Work is still interesting... I don't dread going to work... ever.
The kids are healthy and happy... for a couple of teenagers. (LOL)
Suz is wonderful... and, best of all, suz and I are wonderful.
Life is really good. :)

When Tim Berners-Lee and his buddy invented the www concept and hypertext,
They set a generation on a course towards rebellion.
We see it today... in the second and third worlds,
The rise of a generation unwilling to accept tyrannical rule is only possible because that generation...
Is the first of it's kind to be in real-time communication with the world.
They are not asking for democracy...
Or practical rights regarding religion...
They're asking ... demanding the opportunity to not be treated like dirt.
You only know you're being treated like dirt,
If you can see what it means to not be.
And never before have so many been able to see so far.
The unrest in the middle east and northern african states...
Does not surprise me one bit.

I cannot understand how camera companies are expecting to stay in business, without narrowing their product offerings way down and becoming very specialized.

Consider this brand new product from Kodak.

A sub 100$ camera that is all about the "share button" to post pics but you have to connect it to your PC for any of that to happen.
It's camera specs are no great shakes. I mean, they're good (the specs), but the camera on your smart phone is prol'y as good, and it posts pics directly.
Next up? What are camera companies are going to do? Build a cell phone into their new cameras?

I got a "coupon" at futureshop a while ago that was good for "one free 20 page hardcover photo book" from kodaks printing web site.
So I made a "go skate" book about last year and skateparks.
I'm really looking forward to seeing how it comes out.

k... I gotta go. :D
Have a great night.

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