Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, February 21

Hi. :)

Best part of today...
... was finding out about the great big crazy ball of happiness that is crashing all over my friend Jess.

Yes... there were groceries... cost-co and loblaws...
Even had a free (awesome) triple shot tall breve latte in there somewhere...
But still... the best part was listening to Jess tell me how happy she is.
aka: when dating works out!!

What's your super power?
We all have one... actually I think I have two...
But what's yours?
No... I'm not talking about a talent.
I'm talking about that thing you do... you can do... that you don't understand, but totally dig.
1. Starbucks staff ... give me free coffee.
2. People tell me very personal things... usually within minutes of meeting me.
I consider both of things to be superpowers.
However... I will not be getting a cape.
Capes get caught in things (I saw The Incredibles).

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