Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, February 18

~ happy birthday to me...

I know I'm doing something right,
When I can say with all sincerity,
That there is an abundance of love in my life.

Raisn bran for breakfast...
Awesome and vast sushi extravaganza for lunch... with...
The nicest friends I could ask for. :)

And schwarma for dinner with my darl'en family. :)

An interesting day... from a food perspective.
Oh, and I worked at my office today, so no big dorky commutes. :D :D :D
Two new clients... the big downtown client,
San Jose, a new, smaller downtown client and another new one in Chicago.
Seriously... holy freak'en crazy town busy. :D lol...

Ah well... such is the story of this part of my career.

d'ya like my new shirt? scrabble letters....
I'm addicted to "Words with Friends" on the iPhone... :D

I turned 49 today.
I feel great.
don't get me wrong.
49 is just a number.
And I feel like a lot of things...
But none of them are "a number". :)
What I am finding curiously intriguing
Is the idea that I will live, in all likelyhood
To - at the very least... my early eighties.
I'll be trying for plenty more than that...
But lets just say eighties for s&g
So that means... another thiirty years.
And then I look back on all that has happened
In the last thirty years...
And I am amazed to think I am about to go through all that time again.

Unless you change something that you're doing...
You can't really expect the results to change.
Such is he way of things.

You know what I got for by birthday, besides this shirt?
I got a brand new box of the classic version of RISK.
Zebra remembered my wishing for this ages ago....
Truly... Risk is a great game.
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