Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, February 16

~ yes... I snapped a phone pic at the gym.
(they don't like that... but I made sure you can't see anyone else. :D)
I've got the five minute plank down pat.
I start each workout with 4 minutes frozen plank...
then (for now) another minute stretching out a side plank with no relief in the transitions.
I'm going to push the side plank time.
I go from that to 12 minutes of a sweat-maker program on an elliptical.
On "lower" body day... I do a double set of leg-machines,
And a crap load of abdominal work. (30 mins)
"upper" body day is a series of hand weight circuits
Then military, flat, incline and decline bench press sets (30 mins)
Then 5 mins of stretching and balance work. Always.
So that's 51 minutes... sigh. (too long)
And every single time I go... I finish wishing I could stay another hour.
If I change my morning routine to pump another hour onto the front side of the day...
I could start getting my fill at the gym.
We'll see.

This week ... has been kinda awesome.
Work is work... and it's mightily busy. (working on two new client projects)
But that's "work".
Life, on the other hand, has been flipp'en grand.

It's a darn shame...
When you think of all the money the US has spent
propping up punk ass despots....
And ... after all this time... land'en jets, park'en boats, and stacking soldiers all over the middle east...
All them people is decide'en to get all complain'ee.
There's a great deal of change a'coming.
Bet ya there's a mountain of poop yet to hit the big fan.

Ok... I admit it...
I've been stopping into the Apple Store (on the way to the gym)
And playing with the Apple Air.
I will have one soon... or there will be heck to pay I tell you...
actual "heck!".

two days....

k. See ya :D

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