Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, February 14

See, that says... (although you can barely make it out) "It was always you..."

It's like this.
You're best not to judge a life - yours or anyone else's - by the days.
Heck, some of 'em down right suck.
And yes, there are truly remarkable moments,
But that's not the point...
If your going to see anything at all,
You have to take a longer view.
If you can see love...
Then you are looking at something wonderful.
I have put pen to paper to find the words of my love,
In twenty-three valentines cards to my darling Zee.
Suz, it was always you.

I thought it was pretty cute to see some kid drop the exact change,
$5.95 in many coins, at the newspaper store at the end of the mall
on a single red rose...
His face... the very definition of hope.

I started getting a small amount of heartburn around 2:30...
It came and went... and then tonight!!!! Sweet mercy.
I was laying on the family room floor clutching my chest and groaning.
Gobbled two tums... cursed plenty of times...
and was truly worn-out by the experience.
Vicious heart burn.
No exact clue... but I'm guessing a Lindt Chocolate Heart is at the root.

Life is easy.
The things you do...
Can be hard.
But you don't "do" life.
Life just "is".
Life is easy...
All you have to do is mean it when you say "always".
Think about it.

K... time to go. :)

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