Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, February 13

So last week was ... one of those weeks.
Work got mightily stressful as we ramped up for, and delivered a two day workshop.
We traveled to a little town outside Ottawa and did the whole hotel, conference rooms, and restaurant thing.
It was a bit of a high point in the arc of this contract.

A long, mostly painful work week... fortunately lead to a really great weekend.
Groceries and daddy-taxi filled out the bulk of Saturday but we had movie night with The Social Network to top it off.
And today, I went to a friends wife's surprise birthday party.
I got to hold a two month old baby... and make goo goo faces with a five week old baby. :D

Any day that includes me getting to hold a baby... is a good day... period!

My remarkable friend Jessy, and her two little guys were my ride to the party today. :D

... and I made awesome schwarma for dinner. :D :D (I'm getting good at those).

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