Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, February 6


Three large lasagnas (2 meat, 1 veg)...
Four loaves of garlic bread...
Two delicious salads...
Three bottles of wine...
Two cakes...
Two ten-cup pots of coffee...
Two pots of tea.

Dinner for twenty on Saturday night. :)

Second best part of "company's coming" (after the fun of having people over)...
Is that the house gets all shiny. :)
We make a good team.

That was yesterday...
Today was groovy.

Got up in a daze 'cuz I reset the alarm clock with AM and PM reversed...
And went to breakfast at cora's with a friend.
Was nice. :)
Again with the "friendships are priceless" vibe.

From there it was taxi time for grasshopper,
Trip to my units to fix a printer,
To Future Shop with Ed to exchange a birthday prezzi...
Home again... then off to get groceries. :D
A few words to support another friend...
And home once more...

AND!!!! I made the most awesome butternut squash soup!!!
Seriously. GAH!!

Cook a butternut squash... just split, clean, bake in water and then bake dry (30 and 30) at 350.
K... then, in a big sauce pan... melt two tbls of butter...
Diced onion, diced carrot, diced - cooked / peeled - potato, diced celery stalk...
Salt, pepper... chilli powder.
2 cups of water
simmer away till it all gets soft.
Add the cooked squash (peel off that skin and only use the soft stuff... (some will not get cooked enough... eh... chuck it).
Simmer and squish...
After it's blazingly hot...
Run it all through a blender.
Garnish with a little fresh parsley.
Sweet mercy...

There is love you give because you expect... need it back.
Such is the way of the naked heart and it's endless search.
Then there is a love you give... because it needs to be released.
It expects... needs nothing, but the chance to be unleashed.
One can break your heart,
The other will mend it.

See ya. :D
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