Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, February 4

See the little people skating on the canal (out my client office window).
It was a beautiful day. :)

Ah friday... TGFIF,
and yes, there's an extra F

We (project at work) finished a big deliverable.
It was a load off my neck... and marked a distinct end to this week!

Exceptionally good gym time today.
Really digging my routine, but I think I may have to build a new one soon.

Spent some quality time talking with a friend...

It's a real lazy bones kinda night. :) And I'm loving every second of it.

End of my work day finds me out of my client site and into the Rideau Center.
Big downtown shopping mall. Vast public transit hub.
So lots and lots of people.
Beginning of the month... the "bus" office has a line up that twists and turns...
And there, in front of a giant bus-route map poster... is a living, breathing cliche.
Twenty something, long blond hair, gorgeous and carrying a backpack that looks heavier than her.
I walked right past ... then stopped.
Walked back and introduced myself, asking if I could offer any help or information.
I totally nailed it... (haha... sounds porno... only, all I mean is that I was bang on about her being a lost tourist.)
I spent five minutes getting her sorted out, got her a route map and shoo'ed her away to the catch the correct bus. :)
~ my good deed for the day. :)

Planning a nice sushi lunch with friends for my birthday.
I turn 48 this year (February 18).
Need to think about what else to do ... :D

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