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so Ritu... the girl we wanted to take out to lunch yesterday - that didn't work out btw - says ... "So what's with the earring?" and following my inquisitive glare continues with "really doesn't' suit!" Oh man.. .like my fragile ego can handle that! Now I'm gonna be thinking about the dam earring.... *

Zebra was telling me that George woke her up yesterday - um, I leave for work with the guys finished the breakfasts watching blues clues... Z is usually still trying to convince herself to get out of bed and drink the coffee I brought her before I split... ** - standing beside her bed tapping her shoulder saying "Mom... (tap tap tap) Mom... MOM!... watch this..." and the holds his fingers together all tip-to-tip like and starts changing "OHMMMMMM OHMMMMMM" and he starts doing this after dinner last night... Apparently he got this from one of the kiddie tv shows??? wtf? "Ok, Kids, lets get our safety scissors and glue sticks out to make a big mask, but first, lets all MEDITATE!" What year is this?

Oh, and it's time sheet day ... the worst frigging day of the month... just thought I'd share....

* like I'm gonna take her to lunch any time soon. :D

** Z works thursdays and fridays (so day care on those two days) and is an at-home-mommy for mon, tues, wed...

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